Activities for Ladies in Sharjah Ladies Club

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Sharjah Ladies Club is the perfect destination to take a break and dwell on some exciting activities such as swimming, spa, social gathering, and lots more. It includes activities for women of all ages where they can network and enjoy some time out of their busy schedules. This blog will look at some of the fantastic activities for Ladies in the Sharjah Ladies Club.           

Top Activities for Ladies in Sharjah Ladies Club 

Fitness activities   

A healthy lifestyle is a crucial aspect of life, and Sharjah Ladies Club offers amazing fitness-centric activities for ladies, such as aerobics, pilates, Zumba, yoga, etc. The club has experienced personal training to help reach fitness objectives, and the gym is nicely equipped with all fitness training equipment.


The Sharjah Ladies Club offers an amazing large indoor pool where women can participate in learning to swim. The pool is open all day and is kept to the finest standard of cleanliness and hygienic practices.

Spa and Beauty 

Sharjah Ladies Club has luxurious spas offering wellness and beauty services. The spa has a range of services, including facials, massages, body cleanses, and more, to help women unwind from their busy schedules and refresh. The Dalouk wellness spa and Orchid beauty boutique are two amazing spas that ladies can explore to get access to the best spa experience. 

Social activities

The Sharjah Ladies Club offers ample opportunities to network and make new friends. The club also organizes events such as workshops, group discussions, art exhibitions, etc. Ladies also have the option to join one of the many clubs that are available such as the photography club or the gardening club.  

Children’s Activities

Ladies with kids can really have a great time at Sharjah Ladies Club as it offers amazing activities suitable for kids with a dedicated play area. The club also organizes engagement and learning activities for kids.

Learn New Skills at Classes

The Sharjah Ladies Club offers amazing workshops, and they have events scheduled throughout the year to learn dance, art, and foreign languages. This is open to ladies and kids of all ages. 

Cafes and Restaurants

The club has caf├ęs and restaurants providing cuisines ranging from delicious flavors of Italian to Arabic. It also has a juice bar to enjoy healthy juices. The collage cafe and lafeef cafe are some of the best cafes that ladies can explore. 

Ice Skating

Sharjah Ladies club also offers access to Ice Skating, which is one of the amazing sports to try and indulge in the thrill and excitement. This is more appealing to kids and youngsters who can come along with their mothers.


The Sharjah Ladies Club is a great venue for women to relax, have fun, and interact with other women of dynamic communities. This amazing club offers a variety of activities and world-class facilities that makes it worth having a membership. So ladies, why not come and explore this wonderful community and enjoy the luxurious and entertaining activities it offers?         

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