Baby on the Way? Here Are Some Ways to Get Ready

A new baby is a time for celebration, but it can also cause a lot of anxiety. From planning prenatal visits to picking out a cool humidifier, there are a lot of things to do when preparing for their arrival. Getting everything in order will help a lot when the baby comes home and you’re distracted from its cute neediness. When you take care of the most concerning issues, it can transform baby time from a stressful struggle to a serene scenario!

The Baby’s Room

One of the first things you’ll need to do is premam a space for the newborn. Having a space dedicated to your little one will help keep things organized, as well as create a location that your new child can become accustomed to. Look for a crib and firm mattress to help at bedtime, with a mobile to distract your child and lull them to sleep. A cool humidifier is a great accessory since it can be used to keep the air fresh and prevent a baby’s nose and throat from becoming sore.

Rocking chairs or gliders are great places to relax while feeding the newborn or gently rocking it at naptime. A special feeding pillow is also a great idea for breastfeeders since it creates a perfect resting place during lunchtime. While traditional bedroom essentials such as a nightstand for lamps and a wardrobe for clothes are obvious, you’ll also need a changing table to make it easier cleaning up any baby’s diaper disasters.

Baby-Proofing Your Home

Even if they have a room of their own, the baby isn’t going to be locked inside the nursery for the rest of its life. Letting your newborn look around and explore the home is a great way for them to learn and start to adapt to their new surroundings. Some ways you can baby proof each room include:

  • Kitchen: Special locks for cabinets, doors, and draws are essential in the kitchen Most people keep cleaning chemicals under the sink which should be kept at a harder-to-reach location. Ensure dangerous cooking tools and cutlery are unobtainable as well, and cool humidifiers are out of reach.
  • Living Room: Outlet covers will keep inquisitive fingers out of electrical sockets, and corner guards will keep baby from hurting itself on the coffee table. Make sure the TV is on a secure stand as well lest it finds its way onto the floor by imaginative children trying to bond with their favorite cartoon characters!
  • Bathroom: Most accidents happen in the bathroom thanks to slippery floors. Make sure outlets are covered here, too, and keep any electronics far out of your little one’s grasp. A toilet lock will also keep junior from playing in the potty before he’s ready.

In general, keep larger electronics such as stereos and devices that may make a mess if disturbed, relocating things such as cool humidifiers at higher locations. This will keep kids from accidentally making a big mess while exploring.

Find a Pediatrician

The most important thing you can do to help keep your newborn happy and healthy is to recruit a good pediatrician. Finding a doctor for your child may not feel easy since you are putting something precious into the hands of someone you barely know. That’s why it’s a good idea to start looking for one at least three months before the baby is due, giving you plenty of time to get to know and trust their practice. You should ask some in-depth questions, such as:

  • What are your office hours?
  • Do you have emergency hours as well?
  • Is this a group practice?
  • Will you be the only doctor seeing my child here?
  • Will you come to the hospital to examine the newborn?

While there are no right answers, it’s important to know that the pediatrician’s health goals align with your own. The office conditions should fit with your schedule and lifestyle as well.

Baby On Board

When it’s time to bring your new child home, it pays to be prepared. Make sure the baby’s room is ready for them to sleep and you to feed and watch them. Your home should be safeguarded as well, keeping important things out of reach, such as cool humidifiers, and protecting the things that can’t be moved, like the coffee table or TV stand.

Having a pediatrician on hand will also help get the baby started on the right foot, too. Knowing that your baby has a good doctor on hand will keep things less stressful, especially as your child adjusts to its new home. Once all of the planning and preparations are done, you can turn your attention towards enjoying everything a new baby has to offer you and your growing family!

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