Baby Shower Party Ideas for Any Shower

Hosting a baby shower is a fun and rewarding experience but finding baby shower party ideas can be a headache. If you keep the guest of honor in mind as you plan the party, you are sure to create a memorable and fun experience for her and all of the guests. Here are a few tips that can help.

Choosing a Theme

Picking a theme can help make planning the party easier and more fun. There are as many different themes out there as there are moms-to-be. You can pick one that suits her personality, the sex of the baby, the time of year the baby will be born, or one of the more traditional shower themes. Ones like monkey, stork, rubber ducky, Winnie the Pooh, butterfly, or sports are all fun themes. The bonus with these is that it should be easy to find decorations and invitations since they are popular themes.

Make It Fun With Games

Games are great baby shower party ideas that add fun to any baby shower. The dirty diaper game, baby shower gift bingo, pin the diaper on the baby, and word scrambles are all fun games that are easy to find in any party supply store. If you are more creatively inclined, think of and setup your own games. Anything related to babies or the soon-to-be parents would work for any shower. Get creative but be sure that none of your games will offend the mother-to-be or any of the guests.

Festive Food Ideas

Getting creative with the food adds a special touch to the party. If you have a theme, try to make food that is in keeping with the theme. As you pick out your theme, think of things that you could serve to stay within that theme. Tailgating food can be fun for a sports-related theme. A cookie cutter that works with your theme can be very useful in creating shapes out of many different types of foods. Keep in mind that finger foods typically work well for a baby shower. This allows people to grab a plate and mingle with the other guests.

Baby shower party ideas are limited only by the amount of creativity and energy you have. Keep a list of everything that you need to get done so that you don’t get overwhelmed at the last minute. Planning and preparing as much as you can ahead of time can save you from stress on the day of the party.

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