Being Responsive to Customers

Customer Responsiveness: What It Is & Why My Business Needs It!

For businessmen, the website design is considered one very important component of the site that towers above all the other components which are actually subordinates to the main audience drawer, which is design. In one sense, it can make or break your business.

In one facet, the website design of your online business is actually the creative product in the process of conceptualizing, planning and then creating the files that will determine the other components. These would be the layout, the colors, the styles of the text, the graphics, the structure and the many images of your brand and products. Added to all of these is the use of the interactive features as the pages are engaged to the visitor.

The business

Like the possession of a great domain name, the design actually determines most things regarding your site. This includes the content, the way that it is presented and the way how it works. In a sense, the design is more than the visual presentation of the website. What is vital is that it should consist of being usable, having the user interface, and the overall architecture of the site itself.

When these crucial aspects are fully enhanced, the abandonment rate (visitors leaving the site) becomes lower. Visitors then tend to have longer times spent on the site.  There could also be an increase in referrals (word of mouth) and higher rate of conversion (sale).

The figures 

Statistics gathered from studies have shown that around 75% of people judge the credibility of a business by way of the site’s design. Credibility directly affects how likely people will decide to make a purchase. Poor design does not attract customers. You need to have your site convey that you are a legitimate and trustworthy businessman. People typically determine this in the quality of your design.


Another strong argument on website design is that it has a direct impact on conversion. Changing some of the design elements of a web page can alter it and create positive changes in the conversion rate. These small lifts in conversion can give you an edge over your competition. When you advertise in offline channels or in other sites, people will always try to get online to have a look at your site and check it out. In a way, your site is your digital business card. You need to make sure that your web design reflects your marketing efforts as well.


The professional look of your site’s design certainly adds to your site’s credibility. The full impact of your website design Brisbane can also determine the speed and the cost of getting your site up. You have now the advantage of having the customer’s trust and satisfaction because it meets their needs. It tells them what they want to know without the confusing and unnecessary items on the design.

Included here would be the ease of navigation on your site. This becomes true if the navigation on your site is predictable, consistent and easy to understand, exactly what everyone wants.


Sear h engines get attracted to the right design for your site. One caveat, though. You need to know that however appealing your site design is, it will not show up on search engine result pages if it not coded in the way the search engines can read. You can avoid glitches that can turn customers away if your ideal design fits your site. Glitches like lengthy loading times, broken links, and dropped images are just some of the design issues that can do this. (They can all be fixed, fortunately.)

The dual purpose of both reaching out to your customers and to the search engines will have an impact on your sales.


Minus the metaphor, the design of your site is literally the face of your business. This powerful tool puts the message of your business out into the world. Hiring accomplished web experts to do it is a wise investment, not an unnecessary expense.

The well-designed site that fits your brand will lead customers to your site. In the site proper, you can then guide them to that action on account of your site’s design e4lements. This includes the fact that your site makes sure that the customer can navigate easily inside, and will not waste time.

Sporting an elegant professional look will make people relate it with your branding. Creative sites, however simple it may be, can send the message to users that your brand is useful, modern and service-based.

User-friendly pages make customers more likely to reach out to connect with you.

Responsive and functional 

With more and more users doing business on their mobile phones these days, you can take advantage of the situation by having a responsive design and attract new set of customers to your site. 

You can gear your site to people who are not always in front of their computers, and capitalizing on today’s technology. Your site must have the design that should have the blend of logic and creative thought. 

Aesthetics allow sites to have an emotional appeal and can translate these into action for the users involved.

Design aspect details

There are so many design aspects that have to go into your web design. Included here is the all-encompassing graphic design and branding. Your design experts know how to get your site’s message across by way of the images, logo, colors, interactive features, banner and other visually-attractive items.

This also includes the way your pages are presented and laid out. On top of this, your visitor must be able to feel that your site is user-friendly when going through to all areas. Your designers know that these are the important aspects of accessibility and usability. 

Lastly, the attractive looks of fonts should not be forgotten. They need to be readable at both the micro and macro levels while navigating in your site.


While concentrating on the design aspects, you and your designers would also need to know and understand how search engine spiders crawl and index your site. This has to be congruent to the site’s design elements and practices you work on.

SEO fundamentals cannot be messed up while in the process of creating the most responsive and credible design for your site. There will be an uphill battle for visibility at the very beginning, in case you neglect that part.

Website design can be a difficult issue to understand if you are not familiar with how it works. One important reminder is that certain web design elements can directly affect SEO directly and otherwise. Simply put, your code needs to be SEO-friendly.