CBSE Class 10 Science Exam: Here’s How to Attain a Remarkable Score in the Term-wise Exams

CBSE releases Term-wise Syllabus 2021-22 for Class 10 & 12

Like Mathematics, Science is also considered to be one of the scoring subjects. If you are not adequately prepared with the concepts, performing well in the Class 10 exam can be difficult. Students should follow the NCERT textbook which is prescribed by the CBSE board. By completely learning the concepts from here, they will be able to perform remarkably well in the term wise exams. As the textbooks are designed by the faculty with lots of experience, students will be able to learn even the minute concepts more effectively.

While preparing for the exams, students have to completely learn the concepts from the NCERT Textbook. This can be done by understanding the concepts during class hours or by self-study process. If the students find it difficult to learn the concepts even after this, they can make use of the reference material which is available on the internet. NCERT Solutions Class 10 Science contains chapter-wise answers curated by subject matter experts with vast industrial experience. It provides elaborate answers in a comprehensive manner by keeping in mind the marking scheme of the term wise exams.

Few tips to attain good marks in the CBSE Class 10 Science Exam

1. Give importance to revision based on marking scheme

While revising, students have to choose the topics based on the marks of each of them. For instance, concepts of 20 marks must be learnt first and then the concepts with lesser weightage should be given importance at the end. So based on the syllabus for the academic year, students will be able to understand the topics which should be given more importance.

2. Solve sample papers and previous year question papers

Once students complete the textbook questions, what they have to do next is to try solving the sample papers and previous year question papers. By doing this, students will understand the topics which they are not familiar with and spend more time for a good score. It will help them to analyse the questions that would appear in the exam and answer them with ease. 

3. Learn concepts which you are weak at

When you take a chapter to learn, you must first finish the concepts which you are good at. After doing this, you will be having more time to spend on the concepts which you are not strong at. This will help you provide equal time for all the concepts and learn them efficiently. It will also improve your ability to score remarkable grades in the term wise exams.

4. Use online study materials

While preparing for the term wise exams, understanding the concepts might be a difficult task. For this purpose, various study materials are available which can be accessed by the students based on their requirements. It not only helps you to answer the questions but also provides you a strong knowledge on how to face the complex questions without any difficulty.

As Class 10 is an important part of the students life, learning the subject efficiently is a must when it comes to exam preparation. Students can also make use of the NCERT Solutions Class for 9 Science which are prepared to boost their confidence in facing the exams. The solutions also include various diagrams in order to improve the visual learning abilities of the students. It has stepwise elaborate answers so that students do not lose any marks in the term exams. Every important term is explained in a simple language so that the students will be able to frame accurate answers during the exams.