Common signs that an injury lawyer is not right for you!

Signs Your Personal Injury Attorney Isn't Doing Their Job | Adam S. Kutner, Injury  Attorneys

Nothing is worse than enduring injuries because of someone’s fault or irresponsibility. People often don’t understand the complications of personal injury law, and victims fail to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party in time. Washington’s statute of limitations allows you a time limit of three years to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you want to sue the at-fault side for the death of a loved one in an unfortunate accident, the deadline is the same. Regardless of the circumstances, you have to consider hiring a Kent injury lawyer for your case. Here are some signs that you are not hiring the right lawyer. 

The injury lawyer is always busy or unavailable

As we mentioned, you have limited time to file a lawsuit. If you don’t act in time, you may lose evidence, and the statute of limitations is for civil lawsuits only. You need to act immediately and inform the insurance company (where applicable). For that, you would need the support of your lawyer. If an attorney is always unavailable or doesn’t respond to your calls and emails, it is not a good sign. 

The injury lawyer has many bad reviews

Independent online reviews can come in handy to compare injury lawyers in your area. If a lawyer or a law firm in Kent has too many bad reviews, it is possibly because they don’t take their work seriously. That said, do consider the source of these reviews. Check on search engines, especially Google, to know more, and don’t forget to ask the attorney for references. 

The injury lawyer wants a fee to review the case

All law firms in Washington take up personal injury cases without an upfront fee. The lawyer typically gets a share of the settlement, ranging from 30% to 40%, after they win. Also, the first meeting for a case assessment is free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything to hire a lawyer, but it is wise to ask about expected costs and if the concerned attorney can advance these expenses for you. 

The injury lawyer promises something big

Inflated promises are worthless. You cannot expect an injury lawyer to win a certain amount in a settlement because it depends on the circumstances. Steer clear of attorneys who want to exaggerate your injuries or overstate your losses. If something is too good to be true, it is. 

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