Discover The Reason For Poverty Or Wealth In A Down Economy

The world economy especially in the United States is dominating the news, the presidential election and thoughts of the people. Perception of the economic climate becomes misfortune or opportunity. History shows how a depressed economy produces millionaires. So what causes this rise and growth in some people yet others fall to the bottomless of the pit of poverty?

Conscious thoughts create emotions which are part of our intuitive self. If perception of our own environment is lack of money then we are held captive to those thoughts? Continually thinking or speaking words of not having enough money becomes the dictator of fear that assimilates into our emotions. The Phantom of fear controls our emotions and attracts what we don’t want, lost hope, depression and even poverty. Our thoughts move toward our emotions.

What if we could control our thoughts to create excitement of money blessing others as well as ourselves? Excitement breeds enthusiasm and is contagious; it grows and spreads from one person to another. With enthusiasm as the key dictator of our thoughts and emotions, the Phantom of fear can’t penetrate our true identity, which is our intuitive Self. The enthusiasm of goodness, obeys and attracts money and wisdom.

The intuitive self does not reason. It attracts what conscious tells. The intuitive self keeps us breathing, our heart beating, even can do our driving for us. Wow, driving our car? So how did we ever get our intuitive self to drive our car without our directing the endless details of driving? We learned to drive by forming a habit of driving.

Habit has created our money pattern embedded in our intuitive self. If that pattern is lack of money then we will attract more lack of money. If the money pattern embedded in our intuitive self is more money then we will get more money. The golden key to changing our money pattern is to unlock the gate between our conscious thoughts and our intuitive self. The question is; how do we get the golden key to unlock the door?

Prayer and The Law of Attraction just cannot move us forward unless we have hope and belief. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. Gratitude is the key to unlock the awareness of hope and belief in our hearts. When gratitude is present we move to what we want instead of we don’t want.

How do we have gratitude awareness when we feel there is nothing in the future but more lack, more illness, more unhappiness? We change our focus. The power of gratitude is a mighty force.

Expressing gratefulness for the beauty of nature, the love in our life can release the power of gratitude. The power of gratitude becomes a habit acquired and opens the door to what we want through Prayer and The Law of Attraction. It takes a few minutes twice a day to make a life change.

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