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It’s happened to the best of us. You’re watching your kid’s big game and you miss recording their game-winning point when your spouse isn’t there to watch. Or you’re at a major sporting event and you catch an insane play from your favorite player, or an extraordinary win in overtime that you wish you were sharing in real time with your best friend.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dependable way to livestream games yourself right from your phone and share the excitement? Now there’s a way to share the sports that you’re watching live with anyone you choose with Swish Live, letting you broadcast them in stunning HD just like you’d see them on TV. And right now, the Swish Live Streaming basic plan is available for just $99, 70% off the usual price.

Let grandma and grandpa catch the little league game live from across the country! Or help your local pickleball team gain traction by streaming their games for more people to see. The possibilities are endless with Swish Live, the best way to live-stream the sports you care about.

Swish Live gives you ultimate control when it comes to broadcasting your sporting events on the go. Pause, end, or continue the live-streaming with just one click. You can even inlay the scoreboard as you watch, clip a highlight right after it happens, or remotely interact with the inlay. Multi-camera options are available if you have two iPhones, and you can even make your sponsors happy with shoutouts directly in the video as you stream.

Swish Live is already helping more than 10,000 clubs all over the world broadcast their games and get bigger followings. User Julien raved, “Given our human and financial resources Swish live offers us an ideal solution to broadcast our game for our Fans. This application is extremely easy to use and offers us new opportunities for communication and sponsorship.”

Get your favorite athletes more exposure with help from Swish Live. Livestream local games yourself in beautiful HD with a year long basic plan for just $99 today.

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