Golden-Gate Reviews 2021- A Platform Well-Suited For Both Newbies And Advanced Traders? (

Recently, I’ve been having trouble with my employment, and balancing the demands of supporting my family has been difficult. I was seeking a new way to make money that didn’t take much expertise and was both helpful and educational.

My father has been involved in the trading profession for over a decade and seeing him engage in it piqued my curiosity in learning more about it. I also have a few acquaintances who are experienced traders, and they recommended that I use the Golden-Gate platform. Many traders have told me that entering into trading may be hazardous since getting cheated by some trading platforms is becoming more common and that to avoid this, one must be able to choose a platform that makes them feel satisfied while using it.

So, last year was the start of my career as a trader. I began by utilizing the platform Golden Gate, and I quickly saw how useful the platform might be to many other newbie traders and young traders, who are currently flooding into the trading profession with little information and guidance. As a result of my experience with Golden Gate, I can provide a detailed assessment of the platform and how beneficial it has been to me.


A trading platform’s layout is self-explanatory and straightforward since a complicated structure might cause confusion among newcomers and drive them away. All of the components should provide the necessary information in the most concise manner possible to make it user-friendly.

This platform’s design is clean and well-organized. I like the platform’s bright-colored theme, which is easier on the eyes than other platforms’ dark themes, which give it a muddy appearance. The contents were divided into parts, each with sub-parts that included all of the information that a trader may want. Furthermore, the images employed offer the website an interactive aspect and make it appear friendlier to traders.

The date, day, and time are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, while security information is displayed at the bottom of the page. The only languages available are English and German, which is concerning because foreign brokers may find this inconvenient. Providing a wider selection of dialects will undoubtedly expand the platform’s reach and make it simpler for brokers from all around the world.

The Education Center: What did I take away from my visit to the Education Center?

Any trading platform’s teaching area should include all there is to know about trading. A solid trading website should help you improve your skills and keep you informed about what’s going on in the market.

Asset Index, eBooks, FAQs, and a Glossary are all part of the education department. The asset index lists all accessible assets in alphabetical order, along with their expiration rules and trading hours, making it easier for brokers seeking for a certain asset to find. The site offers a total of thirteen eBooks, each with a brief description of what each one has to offer. They cover a wide range of topics, including all you need to know about trading. It was extremely beneficial to me because I frequently fall behind on certain topics, and it’s nice to have a dedicated section where you can go back and forth.

The glossary is also alphabetically ordered so that newcomers may learn about the phrases often used in the trading sector and stay up to date. The FAQs contain the majority of the queries that may arise, as well as the desired responses. I’ve learned a lot from this website, and I’m excited to learn even more as I continue to utilize it and gain more knowledge and experience.

Customer Service: My personal experience with it through the platform:

Customer assistance is available throughout business hours as well as on Sundays. Customer assistance is available by live chat, phone, email, and even filling out a form. The option for live chat is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

I chose the live chat option since I felt comfortable with it. All of my misunderstandings were dispelled by the comments, and I also had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge due to them. However, if a trader prefers to communicate with them via the phone, only the United Kingdom and Australia provide this option.

This is a slight drawback, in my opinion, as it restricts overseas traders’ ability to use this tool. Despite the restricted dialect, I appreciated the high quality of the service and want to use it again in the future.

Account Types:

The basic account type provides traders with access to more than 200 tradable assets, market evaluations, and up to 100 large leverages for a fee of 250 euros. Over 200 tradable assets, market research, dedicated senior manager, bonus money, profitable gold spreads, huge leverage up to 200, tier 3 trade room analysis, financial planning, risk management planning, special venture promotions, a monthly webinar, and a level 3 priority withdrawal procedure, and more are all available with the silver account.

The gold account also includes platinum spreads, 300 substantial leverage, trading signals, tier 2 room analysis, weekly webinars, private analyst sessions, and a level 2 priority withdrawal procedure.

The platinum account type includes all of the benefits of the gold account plus full access to webinars, lucrative VIP events, trade room analysis, up to 400 significant leverages, VIP lucrative spreads, and a level 1 prioritized withdrawal process.

At first, I used the basic account type, which I found to be pleasant and beneficial since I liked the features, but as I progressed in my trading career, I switched to the gold account, which I found extremely fun. I had the opportunity to try almost everything it had to offer, and every feature was of exceptional quality.

Payment Methods:

The following payment options are available on this platform:

  • Maestro,
  • MasterCard,
  • ·         And Bank wire.

Although this is a nice list of payment options, I noticed that PayPal, IDEAL, and several other options were omitted. Regardless, I went with the Bank Wire option, and I’m happy to report that my withdrawal went down without a hitch.

Withdrawal Process:

As I had aided the basic account type when I first started my trading journey, and I had greatly enjoyed the features presented in that account, I felt the need to upgrade my account type, so I chose the gold type. As I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills further, I felt the need to upgrade my account type, so I chose the gold type. I did so to take advantage of most of the platform’s features.

The withdrawal process made me a little worried, but it turned out to be rather enjoyable. I received an email immediately verifying my money withdrawal, and even when I needed to alter my account and upgrade to the gold account, I had no problems. I’d used the same method before, and it didn’t give me any problems; in fact, it made things easier for me, and the experience was perfect, which I appreciate. It might be tough to trust trading websites these days because the worry of being scammed is constantly there in a trader’s mind, but I am satisfied and calm due to my experience with Golden-Gate.

My Final thoughts:

To sum up my evaluation, all of the minor details, such as the summary stated on the main page and the color scheme, significantly impacted my experience. To begin with, customer support has never let me down. I had always got prompt responses with all of the information I need and additional assistance and advice, which was always appreciated. This website can undoubtedly help novice traders like me to get advance in their trading profession.

The design was clear, subtle, and uncomplicated. It was simple to comprehend and use, and it featured everything I was searching for and anticipating. I had utilized the education center category the most, which greatly aided and improved my experience. The eBook collection was fantastic since it provided me with several ideas on how to improve my trading expertise and become more professional. Another location where I could expand my trade vocabulary and use it in my daily life was the glossary.

The withdrawal portion of my trading experience was the most nerve-wracking for me, but it turned out to be a painless transaction, and I felt confident in this platform. Finding a broker that a newbie trader can trust and feel comfortable with might be a difficult task. It is the sole reason I am writing this review since it provided me with the most pleasant experience, and I am grateful to it for being an honest platform despite its few flaws, such as the lack of a large dialect collection and customer support limited to the United Kingdom and Australia.

Disclaimer: This review from my own experience and self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.