How a Side Hustle Can Lead to a Life of Adventure

Imagination is a beautiful human trait. It leads to creation (…or just a thought bubble dissipated by procrastination). Not all your ideas are worth acting on. 

But when you feel a calling that promises an adventure, that may be something worth seizing and manifesting.

And despite our clinging to the fantasy of immortality, the reality is that we only have one life. So what do you want to do with your life? Life is not a dress rehearsal. 

Life is a glimpse of light between two pieces of darkness. It is being born and dying. What you do in that gap between those two unknowns determines whether it is exciting, memorable, bland or boring.

I received an invitation to speak in the tiny country of Estonia, and it sparked an idea in my mind. This idea had been gestating in my mind for a long time but had never been born. 

My air tickets were already taken care of by my client. I had lined up a partner in crime to join me.

We hatched a plan and chose the countries we wanted to visit. It was decided. We would spend three months working and traveling while exploring some nooks and crannies in Europe. 

This Dream germinated after starting my digital side hustle back in 2009. I realized that I could design a business that could provide the flexibility and freedom to roam the world and still generate revenue to pay for my life. 

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