Naj Austin CEO Of Somewhere Good Says He Wants No Negativity On His New App

Is it achievable to share your entire self on social media? Is there a way to obtain the connection and interaction we want with no possessing to zoom in and out?

Someplace Fantastic, produced by Naj Austin, a new social community that debuted previous thirty day period, desires to know. The software is not like anything at all we’ve witnessed ahead of for a person matter, it’s voice-recording based. Consumers are not only essential to adhere to a set of local community norms but they are also invited to cooperate and provide recommendations to lengthen and improve them.

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The way it is established, while, is what stands out the most. Someplace Good Founder and CEO Naj Austin stated there are no next, likes, personal feeds, or profiles other than the very minimum of facts: title, pronouns, location, and photo. “We preferred to restore a sense of humanity to what it indicates to be on line,” Naj Austin extra.

Naj Austin Says That Somewhere Fantastic Will Be Peaceful And Non-Harmful

Customers could select amongst four “worlds” on the application for now: Artist Rituals, Radical Library, Communal Treatment, and Deep Discourse. Just about every day, a new query for each individual earth is delivered, and people can report their replies and/or reply to others’ responses. All of this is represented by a trail that arcs back again and forth throughout the display of your smartphone. Annika Hansteen-Izora was in demand of the structure.

Hansteen-Izora provides them selves as a queer artist, author, and designer, using they/she/he pronouns. Artwork way, poetry, a publication, memes, person encounter, website layout, and a e-book titled Tenderness: An Honoring of my Black Queer Pleasure and Rage are amid her numerous imaginative endeavors. His get the job done pushes the boundaries of what the internet can be, and his private utilization of social media internet sites is proof of that.

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Hansteen-Izora spoke with us about the origins of Somewhere Superior and how to make use of the net for sustenance, neighborhood creating, and probably personalized advancement.

By Zigong