Pros & Cons of Collecting Authentic Signed Sports Memorabilia

Collecting sports memorabilia is a growing business and a sound investment, no matter where you decide to put your money, the biggest problem you will encounter is deciding which sport!

We have a great selection of authentic memorabilia in snooker, football, boxing and formula 1.

Sports memorabilia is an alternative investment that will always hold its value. Over time your investment will not depreciate, it will increase in value. You can, for example, own a signed photo of a footballer from the sixties and one from last season, both will at a minimum hold their values and not just hold them, but appreciate over time.

Unfortunately you need to watch out for copied items that are not authentic. Sports memorabilia are far more likely to be unauthentic if they are purchased from an unreliable source. There have been many occasions where the police have seized merchandise from questionable traders and found it to be duplicated and fraudulent. Purchasing from a recognised source is very important and we guarantee each of our items is authentic and original, we can provide photo proof and a certificate of authenticity, and therefore we only supply the genuine article.

If you are looking to invest money in your child’s future, sports memorabilia can be a great choice. Not only will you be saving for the future in a sensible and tangible way, you will be saving a piece of history and providing an opportunity to begin a life-long love of sport. As a financial move signed sports memorabilia have often outperformed other markets and have been known to triple in value after the signature has passed away. So for a long term investment sports memorabilia is an outstanding choice.

If you are not as driven by monetary gain you will find that owning a signed piece of sports memorabilia can be a pleasure all in itself. Imagine owning a genuine article, with a history all of its own, it can establish a link between you and your sporting hero. Supplied in frames and display cases, sports memorabilia can make handsome decorations for your home and interesting talking points. For aspiring publicans you can even begin your own “sporting hall of fame”.

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