Sweet Ways to Say Sorry To Your Girlfriend

With Roses comes the thorns. With love comes the fights. If you are in a relationship, you know you cannot escape the fights. Even if you try to avoid it at any cost with your girlfriend, you still find yourself squabbling with her or trying to explain your point. Well, during the fight you may not realize the damage that has been done but the after-effects can be quite heart-shaking. When after the heated argument you are burdened to make up with her. Instead of dialing to your clueless friends who give you advice from the Internet searches or their own failures, read these sweet ways. These ways will make her feel that you are genuinely sorry.

Take the Stomach Route: It’s a fact that people get angrier when they are hungry. First of all, she was hungry and then you had a fight with her. In totality, it was the worst situation. Now, to cool her down, bring her food. Take her out for lunch or dinner. You can cook for her as a way of saying sorry. If she has a sweet tooth, avail online cake delivery in Pune of chocolate cake. We are recommending chocolate cakes because chocolate is known to release happy hormones, especially dark chocolate. After her stomach is happy, you can seek forgiveness from her and it will be granted. 

A Sorry Note or Card: Saying “ I am Sorry” works, but saying Sorry in different ways could do more wonders than you think. Make a sorry card and pen down your sincere apologies. If not a card, take a craft paper and write down these quotes: 

  • I haven’t stopped thinking about all the ways I have hurt you. I am sorry. Please forgive me and give me another chance. 
  • You are precious to me. I am sorry I hurt your feelings. 
  • I am not going to make any excuses for what I have done. I would just like to express my sincere apologies. 
  • My actions haven’t been loving I know, but I am sorry and will make up for all my wrongdoings. 

Stick the note on a significant area where she can see and acknowledge it. Like on the door of her cupboard or on the phone back cover. Along with the note or card, you can leave a single-stem rose or a bunch of flowers. 

Offer Help: Just after the fight, do not make it worse by messing the house around or demanding something from her like tea in the evening. Let us tell you this act of yours may cause more harm. Her anger will skyrocket in a few minutes. Instead, offer help. Clean the room so that she doesn’t have to do it. Do the chores with her without her having to demand it. Your help will surely cool her down a bit. 

Take Advice for Her Friends: Instead of calling your friends and asking what to do and how to apologize to your girlfriend. Our advice would be to call up her friends. They are in a better position to give you ideas to calm her down. Whatever they suggest to you, follow that strictly if you really want her forgiveness. You can also take their help to organize the entire apology plan. 

Furry Apology: The furry pets at home are the best stress-buster. When you think things are not going your way and she is angry, you leave her alone with the pets. Let her play and spend time with those furry babies and she will be alright. You can also attach a sorry note on the dog’s collar and she will surely have a smile on the face reading it. If you don’t have pets at home, try using pictures. Even seeing pictures of the dogs and cats will make her go awwww! 

Give Her Time and Space: Apologies are best granted when saught immediately. However, in some cases, it’s best to postpone. Just after the fight or argument, leave your girlfriend alone for some me-time. Even you should take some time to process and analyze things. After a while, go to her, say sorry, and you will be forgiven. Apologize to her sweetly, holding her hand and meaning every word you say.

Sorry when said through these ways can do a lot for you!