TopMarketCap Reviews 2021: From The Perspective Of An Experienced Trader (

I knew I wanted to be a trader since I was 12 years old. I grew up in a world where traders talked about all of the complicated trading terms and processes. So, to be honest, trading didn’t appear to be all that difficult back then. However, when I entered the profession, I was taken aback by how tough it had become to survive. You may be on top one minute and then find yourself with nothing the next. Many individuals have been put off by the profession’s uncertainty, yet many others see the potential rewards and decide to pursue them.

Trading has taken on many forms as the requirements and desires of clients have changed. We now have tools that make the procedure much easier for those who follow the steps correctly. If you’ve ever dealt with trading, either directly or indirectly, you’re probably aware of how big forex businesses are destroying the dreams of many traders every day.

They are well aware of newcomers’ weak areas, and there is nothing to stop them from taking advantage of them. Many traders have been whining and screaming about losing their hard-earned money. I’ll say that the forex businesses are to blame, but some of the blame for the loss also falls on the shoulders of the traders. It is practically difficult for them to fall into the clutches of imposters if they conduct thorough research and inquire about all critical issues.

I’d want to assure you that I did not reach this career to land on the throne of success. I had to go through a lot, and this showed me that difficulty demotivates you, but it also makes you stronger and better.

Despite knowing how they operated, I still failed terribly at spotting them. Well, I had the misfortune of being a customer of three different forex businesses, each of which disappointed me more than the other. I wasted four and a half years of my job-hopping between these frauds until a close friend told me about TopMarketCap.

I was surprised to see someone so pleased with their broker because, at the time, I was convinced that all forex organizations were scams. I wasn’t ready to investigate TopMarketCap, but he persuaded me that it was worth a shot. I returned home and went to the website. I went directly to the legal section since I wasn’t willing to risk my security right now. I was told that I proceed only if I was confident in the firm’s commitment to keeping my funds safe.

Thorough Research

It took me about 3-4 weeks to thoroughly examine and only then was I ready to spend. Someone once told me that no matter how trustworthy a platform is, you should start with a simple trial account to get a feel for how it operates. This appears to have worked for me. I started with the most basic account and gradually improved it.

I’ll try to cover the most important advantages and disadvantages so you can get a sense of what a client thinks of the broker and whether it can meet your demands. To make a clear contrast between the two, I’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages individually.


They provide their customers with over 200 tradable assets to trade with, allowing you to continually add to your portfolio and never miss an opportunity. Keeping in mind that trading is such a complicated sector, you should constantly diversify your investments. Many traders have come home with nothing since the one area in which they excelled went wrong and they lost everything.

Keeping this in mind, I decided to invest in stocks and cryptocurrency. My stock sale went well, but my Bitcoin deal went much better. Because of its promising character, I believe you should all invest in Bitcoin. When it comes to risk and uncertainty, there isn’t a single field of trade where uncertainty isn’t present.

My friend purchased shares in a well-known electric vehicle manufacturer, and he has profited far more than he expected. I haven’t had much luck in this area, but I want to put more money into it since I know how profitable it can be.

Let’s look at what prompted me to make my first investment in stocks and cryptocurrency. These are two areas that have always worried me, but owing to my hardworking financial managers, I was able to overcome my fears. Financial managers that are highly competent and knowledgeable will be available on the platform. When you’re confused or in difficulties, you can always turn to them for help.

Helpful in Crypto

I’ve always found them to be helpful, and I’ve found their ideas and suggestions to be valuable. I like how they constantly stress that their advice is solely meant to assist traders and that they have no intention of influencing us in any manner. I recall telling my manager that I didn’t believe I’d ever try my hand at Crypto, but he persuaded me to do so until I did.

The platform has divided the functions into accounts to make sure you receive precisely what you want. This ensures that inexperienced traders do not pay for complicated features that are only available to those with larger enterprises. There are six accounts in all, but you can only open five of them by depositing money. The Libra account is only available to those who have been invited.

The basic account is what I first chose, and it required a €250 payment. This contains the fewest characteristics, but as the account increases in complexity and efficiency, the features get more complicated and efficient. I have a Platinum account, but I was unaware that you could upgrade directly from basic to platinum. I intended to sell it gradually to avoid any fraud. But I’m grateful that everything worked out. I’m happy with everything the Platinum account has to offer. The sessions I get to have with my private analyst are my favorite part. They appear to be of great assistance to me, and I hope that young traders could have access to them as well.

Stocks Bar

I’d like to draw attention to the stock bar on the website, which continues changing as it updates us. The bar displays rates for all of the major stocks; arrows indicate where the stick prices are heading, and the green and red colors indicate whether you should buy or sell the stock. This is a fantastic feature since it assists me in making the best judgments all of the time. You can learn more about any stock by clicking or touching it.

Education Centre

I’ve realized through the years that education and learning never end. You should also be informed of market changes, regardless of how long you’ve been in the sector. This is why educational resources have their section on TopMarketCap. As a consequence, TopMarketCap has earned a reputation as a resource center as well as a trading platform.

eBooks, Asset Index, Glossary, and FAQ are among the subsections. It caters to both seasoned and beginner traders made it valuable.


The website is only available in English and German only. The majority of consumers understand English, but not all of them. As a result, the organization should consider introducing additional alternatives so that all traders may gain equally from the platform. The language switch button should be in the front so that no one needs to look for it.

Next, I’d want to point out that the platform’s customer service is outstanding. The staff is really helpful and responsive. I can see how they’ve been thoroughly taught before being put in charge of the issues. Client issues affect a vast number of people throughout the world. However, one factor that has led to this point is that the reps are not available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Customers from some of the countries can telephone, while the remainder must send an email, fill out a form, or use Live chat. I’ve been doing a lot of live chatting since it helps me receive answers quickly. Overall, I had a fantastic time.

Concluding Remarks

The site has helped me re-ignite my desire to pursue my goals. TopMarketCap has been a fantastic broker, with small issues that will hopefully be addressed. I wish you luck in your search for the proper broker and that you have a great time trading forex.

Overall, I see myself using this trading platform in the future and improving my skills and expertise. This website taught me a lot about trading and helped me figure out where I fit in. It benefited me in furthering my career and improving my skills.

I can see all the new and inexperienced traders looking forward to the chance to enhance their research abilities by using the convenience and collaboration that this site offers. When I use this site, it makes me feel comfortable, at ease, and calm.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.