Unique Christmas Ornaments Only Danish People Décor During Christmas

Do you want to breathe hygge into your home during Christmas? Online reviews in Denmark have shown that this Scandinavian approach to Christmas has become world-famous. The Danes are known for their unique, simplistic but impressive décor, especially during the festive period.

Therefore, we have searched for authentic Danish Christmas décor items that can add spice to your environment. It doesn’t matter where you are from or whether you are in Denmark; these ideas will serve you well.

1. Some top tableware to consider

In Denmark, Julefrokost (Christmas lunch party) is an exciting event you shouldn’t miss if invited to one. This party constitutes eating, drinking, and sharing gifts. This can be done with family members, or invitations may be extended to friends.

Your table, which will be the center of attraction, should be attractive. Therefore, here is some top tableware to consider to improve your Christmas decorations in Denmark:

  • Porcelain Plates from Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen is a famous Danish porcelain cookware maker. The company usually provides a unique collection of products for the Christmas season. Their high-quality products and a set of porcelain plates will attract your guests, not just the food alone.

  • Christmas Tablecloth from Benson Mills

A beautiful tablecloth will distract your guests and make them reluctant to leave your table. You can add flowers to your table and blend them with the colors of the tablecloth you chose to spice up your interior design in Denmark. That is what brands like Benson Mills can help you achieve.

  • A Christmas bell from Bing and Grondahl

Bing & Grondahl has partnered with Royal Copenhagen to create sets of unique Christmas porcelain bells that can add gloss to your table setting. There are different color blends to choose from, which allows you to pick one that will fit your décor theme.

2. Christmas Candles

There is an obsession with candles in Scandinavia, but it seems to be worse in Denmark. Therefore, you can add some Danish candles to your Christmas setup. Here are some options:

  • Christmas Candleholder from Georg Jensen

Danish Christmas candleholders come in unique styles that can add beauty to your environment. Georg Jensen has some great Christmas candleholders that you can consider. These candles will certainly earn you some great remarks from visitors.

  • Advent Candle from Biedermann and Son

Burning advent candles is a Christmas tradition in Denmark. And Biedermann and Son can provide such candles you will need for the next 24 days of December. Such candles have holiday signs and 24 advent days to facilitate the countdown. These candles can be placed around the house and blend in with your serene environment.

3. Christmas tree décor

Your Danish Christmas decoration can’t be complete without a well-decorated Christmas tree. Therefore, here are some ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree the Danish way:

  • Ornaments from Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen has many varieties of unique ornaments to embellish your Christmas tree. Most people in Denmark usually wait for this brand to release its festive ornaments. They may be costlier than their competitors, but most customers don’t mind because the brand rarely fails to wow them with its creativity and vision.

Therefore, you are bound to see some sparkling gold, silver, green and red stars, hearts, balls, and other shapes from Georg Jensen.


Denmark inspires many fashionable ideas, which is seen in its Christmas activities. If you want to spice up your Christmas décor with ornaments the Danish way, the above ideas will serve you well.

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