What Is The Difference Between Parked Domain, Addon Domain, and Subdomain?

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Suppose you are managing multiple websites and domains in Australia. It often involves various domain types and Domain Hosting in Australia to organise and channelise website traffic efficiently. 

However, among these common types, the three are commonly used: parked domains, addon domains, and subdomains. 

It may confuse many people but don’t worry. In this article, we will explore the differences among all, which will help you to utilise the right domain to manage your site and web hosting perfectly.

Parked Domain

A parked domain is a type of domain that helps avoid branding issues, but it doesn’t have its own website content. It acts as a substitute domain for your existing website or primary domain. Thus, when users type this domain, they directly channel to the website connected with your primary domain name.

For Example: If you have a primary domain name, i.e., cake4u.com, you might register the variation as parked domains such as cakeforyou.net, cake4you.com, etc.

Addon Domain

The Addon domain is a completely functional and independent website hosted within the same hosting account as the primary website. 

Each addon domain has its own website content, email accounts and databases. This setup enables you to host websites using one hosting account, which makes the real difference when it comes to parked vs addon domains.

For Example, If you have a primary website for your business but want to launch a separate blog, create an addon domain for the blog. 


A subdomain is part of the domain that is present within web addresses. It allows for creating sections or web addresses within the website. Subdomains are frequently used to categorise or arrange the website content.

For Example: blog.abc.com or store.abc.com.

Table – Difference Between Parked Domain, Addon Domain, and Subdomain

This table will help you to understand the Parked Domain vs Addon Domain vs Subdomain. So, let us explore their differences.

FeatureParked DomainAddon DomainSubdomain
DefinitionA domain that points to the same website as your primary domain.A separate website with its own content and files associated with your primary domain.A division or extension of your primary domain is used to organise and categorise content.
Independent WebsiteNoYesNo
Unique ContentNoYesYes
Separate DirectoryNoYesYes (usually in a subdirectory)
Domain NameDifferent from the primary domain, but often used for branding or redirect purposes.Different from the primary domain, with its own content and purpose.Part of the primary domain, usually used for organisation or categorisation.
AccessShare the content and files of the primary domain.Has its own content and files, accessible separately.Share the resources (server space, bandwidth) of the primary domain.
SEO ImpactMinimalIndependent SEO performance.May share SEO benefits with the primary domain.
CostIt is often included in hosting packages or at a minimal cost.It may require an additional hosting plan or cost.It is included with the primary domain in most hosting packages.

Final Thoughts 

One can make web management and its organisation easy by understanding the differences between parked domains, addon domains, and subdomains. 

Each domain type offers unique and distinct purposes that can be effectively used based on your user’s specific web hosting and website content organisation needs and helps you achieve your online goals. 

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