The Top 8 Things to Consider When You're Buying a Barber Chair

Sitting for long hours in an uncomfortable chair is odious beyond measure. Be it a cinema hall, an aeroplane, or a salon – a good quality chair is what ensures a good client experience and positive feedback. So, when it comes to salon chairs for sale, it goes without saying that you must invest in only the best.

Good quality salon chairs make a solid first impression and add to the aesthetics of your salon. They are the most commonly overlooked aspect of hairdressing supplies but are crucial to the business.

They offer customer comfort and enhance the reputation of the salon with their functionality and looks. So, before purchasing salon chairs for sale, do keep the following points in mind:

  • Comfort: Comfort is an essential factor, not just for chairs but even for furniture purchases in general. If the client is going to be sitting for long hours, the surest way to make their stay in your salon more comfortable is by investing in good chairs. 
  • Additional Features: Look for dense foam cushions, lumbar support, and comfortable width before choosing from among the salon chairs for sale. The client is going to spend hours sitting on it and your employees will be standing over it as well. It should have adjustable height, to modify it as per the stylist’s height.  Some other features that can be included for additional comfort include reclining smooth swivel, hydraulic base, and lockable height. 
  • Ease of Cleaning:  Purchasing salon chairs for sale is not enough. You need to also spend a lot of time and effort maintaining it. Although leather chairs are very stylish, they are difficult to clean and require specialised products. Top-grade vinyl can be cleaned and sanitised quickly and effectively. Some chairs also come with sides or backs that can be opened for easy hair removal. So, keep the functionality of your chairs in mind before investing. Besides cleaning, do look into the maintenance of your salon chairs and ensure there are no chances of them malfunctioning. 

Salon chairs come in different designs, and while picking them out, make sure they match the aesthetics of your salon. They should be the right size to fit into place, without clashing with the workstation, washbasin, etc. 

If you make the right choice, the salon chairs will make your clients’ and employees’ experience a delight. No more neck cramping, no straining, no discomfort at all. They give a professional look to your business, while also providing a relaxing atmosphere. 

We’d advise you to always purchase salon chairs for sale from a reputed manufacturer, who offer only the best and also provide adequate warranty on their products. Find chairs that are the right mix of style and functionality!

By Zigong