Why Are Online Art Galleries Gaining Attention?

Online Art Sales - How Galleries Sell Art Online

At a time when the world is engrossed with problems like war, inflation, pandemic, and climate change, people can save their time, energy, resources, and money by dint of digital transformation. Going digital is our future, and art galleries are no exception. 

Art helps transform barriers, and the Internet of Things is an add-on to that. Online art galleries are websites that display artwork. Usually, they run as a business, with the purpose of displaying the artwork to promote it to potential buyers. The online secondary market is an incredible platform for budding artists to showcase their talent. 

Original art, its story and aesthetics 

The most powerful decision you can make while buying paintings is choosing to buy Original paintings for sale over reproductions. The genesis of an artwork doesn’t depend on its creativity but on its one-of-a-kind characteristics. 

On the contrary, a digital print is a reproductive one. With the help of a printing machine, a poster is produced in greater numbers. Normally, original art is far more expensive and valuable than reproductions because of its hardship of production, quality, and scarcity.

  • Usually, original paintings are handcrafted and great for aesthetics.
  • They are praised for originality.
  • The canvas depicts all the colours an artist chooses. 
  • You can find the nuances in brushwork and texture.
  • Original paintings for sale have depth.
  • Buying original artwork is an adventure. Here you can enjoy the experience of visiting the artist in person, appreciate their feeling behind each of the creations, and hear their side of the story. 
  • Original paintings help create a powerful emotional connection.
  • Original oil paintings are richer than digital prints as they express the consummation of the artist’s discoveries to that point of a creative journey.
  • Such possession is worth the investment value.
  • Perhaps the quintessential purpose for buying original paintings is that you can support the artists in your community and so much so painters around the globe by connecting them digitally.

Reasons online art galleries are gaining attention

There are several reasons why virtual galleries are making a creative escape for art lovers. Viewers and potential buyers can revisit any artwork as many times as they want without travelling to a physical place. People can buy art online when art is reaching them digitally at a time when establishments are locked down due to pandemics. 

Purpose of choosing virtual galleries 

  • Marks’ authenticity: digital art pieces offer you a certificate of authenticity from the artist to ensure the painting comes from a real artist and not an imitation. 
  • Offers insurance and value for money: online paintings are certified by the manufacturer. You can know that art comes with a distinguished value. 

Availability of Research:

Using online mediums, you can learn more about an artist. Before you buy original paintings for sale, educate yourself about the artwork, its origin, anecdotes, etc.  


At a time of social distancing, virtual art can bring people together. Buying from a gallery you have never visited is risky. However, there are several ways you can build confidence in the online world. Evaluate the professional backgrounds, and know the broker’s skill and legitimacy. Check the payment choices and enquire if the store is using a reputable payment gateway. 

Certificate of authenticity

Art has abundant positive energy and healing power. Virtual art galleries engage us. Be careful of the certifications while you buy art online. 

Ensuring sale

A genuine virtual gallery offers you payment services and ensures sales. Online stores enable you and provide you with an opportunity to alter your mind when art arrives. 

24/7 Customer Service

The benefit of collecting artworks from a virtual gallery is they answer your questions in no time. 

Secured payment options

While you buy photographs online, make sure that your payment is protected and secured before checkout. Online stores like artshoppy.com have all kinds of security to safeguard your payment. 

Reliable Return policy

Virtual galleries maintain a systematic and useful return policy. Online portals also offer a complete refund provided that the painting has been returned undamaged at the purchaser’s expense within the stipulated time.

Online galleries and contemporary art

The advance of going online is that viewers and potential buyers can revisit artworks from online art galleries without travelling in person. 

Modern art refers to a historical aesthetic movement that happened during the early to the mid-20th century. You can buy paintings online India from renowned artists from online platforms like ArtShoppy.com. Remember, you don’t have to be a millionaire to buy an original piece of art. 

New Generation Artists of India

Modern art is distinct and diverse and distinct. It could be differentiated by the insufficiency of an ideology or a uniform organizing principle.

The unique thing about modern art is it has no specific feature or single characteristic. It is comprehended by the artist’s proficiency in creating and expressing a modern masterpiece.

Buy art online that offers food for thought and encourages debate. You can consider buying

  • Panchamukha and Radha Krishna by Ganapati Hedge
  • Bengal’s Tune and Jolly Woman in a lotus pond by Sekhar Roy
  • Bonded, Bedrock, Ikat King, Ikat Nude, Flower Study, Swept away by Veena Advani

Modern art reflects on society and the difficulties that are important to us and globally. It is a part of an artistic dialogue that comprises larger contextual frameworks like identity, community, family, and nationality. 

If you are in love with modern art, original paintings for sale are based on the seven elements of line, value, space, texture, monochromatic colour palette, minimalism, natural light, clean lines, and natural materials.

Remember that the paintings of modern artists are a vibrant collection of subjects, methods, and concepts that defy the challenge and definition of conventional limitations. 

If you are the one more enthusiastic about impressions and problems than aesthetics, buy art online from reliable stores like Artshoppy.com. Modern artists love to experiment with ideas and materials in different ways. 

Online Galleries for sculptures

The sculpture is a three-dimensional form that is moulded, carved, cast, or assembled on a flat surface in various textures and forms. 

Usually, a sculptor delves deep into a subject’s physical presence and reviews the mannerisms and physical characteristics. Then the artist captures his expressions faultlessly with the greatest economy of colour and line.

His works look modern. The sculptures are linked to expressions in the earliest examples of Indian literature and art. The mediums used are marble, wood, and stone.

Indian sculptors use this media to express and commemorate both historical events and figures. The special value of Sculptures for sale lies in their maker, their rarity and their subject matter.

Below are some of the great sculptors of recent times. 

Contemporary Indian Sculptors and their Sculptures

  • Mejia Da by Lalu Prasad Shaw
  • ‘Krishna Cult’, and ‘Gopala’ by Biman Bihari Das
  • ‘Nature’, ‘Target’, ‘A moment, ‘Rhythm’, ‘HomeBound’ by Chaitali De Chanda
  • Chaitali De Chanda

Online Galleries for Vintage Photographs

Check online art galleries for old paintings that have chronological values and observers of a specific time and era. It enables you to have insight and question certain ideological, sociocultural or political developments and state awareness about artworks of the bygone era.

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