Writing a Job Description in the Simplest but Most Effective Way

Writing a job description can be challenging for employers. They have to make sure they have written the correct words and format before publishing their ads. Job ads are relevant in getting the right candidate for the job vacancy. So they have to make it catchy so applicants can be motivated to apply for their job post. How can a company or employer make a job description appealing to attract more potential talents who can join their company? 

How to Write a Job Description

Start With a Clear Job Title 

Job titles are important since it is the first line seen on the job ads. When putting job titles be sure to be specific on what type of position you are looking for. For instance, instead of putting “Manager” be more specific by putting “Brand Manager”. By doing so the reader will already have an idea of what type of manager you are looking for. Another thing is to avoid using unrealistic descriptions of your job title words such as “rockstar” or other words that can be misunderstood by the applicant. 

Direct your Wordings on the Candidates 

Use words that are directed to the candidates. Write down a  clear and comprehensible job description that can be easily understood by any applicant. Use simple words that are common instead of deep words, to relay the message easier to the reader. People tend to scan job ads instead of reading them thoroughly. Simple words are more comprehensive when scanned than deep words. 

Describe Task 

In each job there are several tasks, so jot down each task on the job description. Make sure to use proper terms in describing each task. Using proper terms can avoid confusion when read by applicants. Being able to understand what they need to do on the job they are applying for can make them more confident to pass their resume. In this way, employers can get more applicants that really fit the job.

Add Compensation and Benefits

Salary may often vary depending on the skill the employee has, so most employers quote “salary to be discussed” on their job ads. However, giving applicants the idea of how much they can earn can attract applicants to apply. You can put a range of the possible salary they can get if ever they get hired. Transparency on salary is the number one eye catching factor for applicants. People know how much they can do and how much they have to be paid for.

If they realize the compensation is enough then they will be willing to grab the job. Giving a summary of the benefits you can offer can also add up to the applicant’s interest to pursue in their applications. Getting a view of what they can get extra from working with you is a good way to be more aggressive in applying for the position you are offering. 

Use Testimonials 

Some people have a habit of checking the background and reputation of a company before they apply. Nowadays applicants are becoming cautious when looking for a job since some may have promising job ads but in reality, it is just a show. To avoid being deceived applicants do some background checks and check the websites as well as profiles of the hiring company to make sure they are legit.

To help them with this issue, you can put some links on your job description where they can check your websites and even get testimonials from your present employees on how they are enjoying their stay in your company. 

Use Simple Fonts and Images 

Too colorful and overly designed job descriptions can send distraction on the part of the readers. Instead of focusing on the wordings, they focus on the image. This can make them skip the most important part of the job description which are the qualifications needed for the job. They might just scroll it and move to the next job ads instead of reading yours. Simple and lesser color job ads can be more attractive on the part of the candidates rather than with the colorful ones. 

Writing a Job Description is the key to getting potential candidates so employers have to work on this carefully. In this way, they can get the right future employee they’re looking for. 

By Zigong