Four Ways to Maximize the Workers’ Comp Benefits You Can Receive in Cedar Rapids

If you have been recently injured on the job, you should know that what you do in the weeks after the workplace accident or the diagnosis of your injury can significantly affect your workers’ comp claim. If you want to make the most out of your claim, you should get expert legal advice from an experienced workers’ comp lawyer in Cedar Rapids. Your attorney will advise you to do the following to maximize your claim:

Notify Your Employer About Your Injury

In Iowa, you have ninety days to report your workplace injury; otherwise, you may not be able to get workers’ comp benefits. However, although you have these days, it’s best to report the incident as soon as possible. The notice doesn’t have to be written to meet the workers’ comp claim deadline of the state. You can report the injury verbally. But it is best to do it in writing and ensure you keep a copy of this notice. Ensure you give the notice to your supervisor, not a colleague. The notice should include a statement that you got injured and that this injury happened at work. 

Get Yourself Checked by a Doctor

After you sustained a work injury, ensure you see a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will document your injury, its extent, and how it might affect your ability to work. Check with your employer if there is a doctor they require you to visit and follow their recommendation. When you talk to the doctor, ensure you tell them the injury occurred at work and explain how you got injured. 

File Your Claim

Workers’ comp claims in the state of Iowa should be filed with the state’s workers’ comp agency. The filing deadlines can be two years or three years depending on whether you get weekly workers’ comp checks. A claim should be filed within 2 years of the date you got injured if you haven’t received benefit checks. But if you have gotten these checks, you should file a claim within 3 years of the mailing date of your check. Keep in mind that medical benefits or mileage reimbursements don’t count as weekly checks. Claims filed beyond these deadlines will be rejected.

Follow the Orders of Your Treating Doctor

Your doctors will make some recommendations regarding your medical treatment. Ensure you follow their orders to maximize your benefits. Not following their orders could impact your right to workers’ comp benefits. For instance, missing at least two scheduled doctor’s appointments could cause you to lose your eligibility for benefits.