Good Home Rules to Establish

Trying to establish rules in your home? Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled a small guide on how to do so.

Why Is It Important to Have Rules in Your Family Home?

When you have a family home, rules are an absolute necessity. This is because the home is a prime environment for you to teach your children about what are right and wrong behaviour’s in the home. By setting rules in the home, it will teach your children how to act accordingly in other places, for example when they go to other people’s houses.

How to Go About Establishing Rules at Home:

If you want to establish rules in your house, then it’s important that before you tell your children anything, you ensure that any other adults in the property are on the same page. Have a meeting with them and explain what you are thinking of instilling in the home, and what their thoughts and opinions are. This way, you can both be on the same page before you speak to your children so there is no miscommunication. 

What Should I Make Rules About?

There are a few general areas that are common grounds or parents to establish rules in. These could include:

Physical Behaviour:

It’s important to instill a ‘no touching’ attitude in the house- in addition to introducing the notion of consent to your children. It’s vital that you teach your children skills such as the importance of being gentle with others who are around them.

Using Their Manners:

Manners are a huge part of growing up, and sadly, there are some adults who haven’t grasped the concept of manners- so it’s even more important to teach your child from a young age about how to use their manners. Alongside ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ it’s a good idea to think about the little ways manners are used. For example, in social settings, and things like waiting until someone else has finished speaking before you start talking.

Respectful House Rules:

More often than not, children have a hard time trying to establish respect for people’s personal spaces when they are so young. So, it’s a good idea to teach them values such as ‘knocking before you enter someone’s room’.

Safety Rules:

Safety is a key priority for parents, and rightly so! The notion of safety is made somewhat worse as everything is online now. It’s vital that you teach your children the importance of recognising how to stay safe from an early age, whether that’s having a code word for people who try and pick them up from school, or how to react if someone tries to be their friend in real life or online and they don’t know the person.

Daily Home Routine:

Children love routine, so it’s a good habit to get them into it. By establishing rules early on such as ‘we are going to take turns each night to help set up for dinner’ this will become a natural routine that wont be questioned eventually.

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