High Section Vital Targets in Medium Range Combatives

The High Section includes the head and neck; That is most dangerous or largest target area for the opponent.

a. The top of the head. The skull is weaker in which the frontal cranial bones connect. A powerful strike leads to trauma towards cranial cavity, causing unconsciousness and hemorrhage. A serious strike can lead to death.

b. In the Forehead. A powerful blow will cause whiplash; a serious blow could cause cerebral lose blood and death.

c. The Eyes. A little jab within the eyes leads to uncontrollable watering and blurred sight. A powerful jab or poke might cause temporary blindness, or even the eyes could be gouged out. Death can happen in the event the fingers penetrate over the thin bone in back of their eyes and within the brain.

d. The Nose. Any blow could easily break the skinny bones from the nose, causing severe pain and eye tearing.

e. Beneath the nose. A blow on the nerve center, that is near to the surface underneath the nose, could cause superb pain and watering eyes.

f. In the Ears. A strike towards the ear with cupped hands can certainly shatter the eardrum and may even produce a brain concussion.

g. Backside of ears and root of skull. A reasonable blow on the back with the ears or even the bottom of the skull will cause unconsciousness through the jarring affect on the backbone within the brain. However, a strong blow can result in a concussion or mental hemorrhage and loss of life.

h. The Temple. The bones from the skull are weak in the temple, as well as an artery and big nerve lie near to the skin. A strong strike could cause unconsciousness and brain concussion. When the artery is cut, the ensuing massive hemorrhage compresses mental performance, causing coma as well as death.

i. To the side of neck. A clear, crisp blow sideways in the neck leads to unconsciousness by shock into the carotid artery, jugular vein, and vagus nerve. For optimum effect, the actual blow must be focused beneath and slightly in the front of an ear. A less strong blow causes unconscious muscular spasms and intensive pain. One side from the neck is among the best targets to utilize dropping an opponent instantly in order to disable him momentarily to end him later.

j. To the Back of neck. A strong blow into the back of one’s neck will cause whiplash, concussion, or possibly a broken neck and loss of life.

k. The Jaw. A blow into the jaw can break up or dislocate it. In case the facial nerve is squeezed from the lower jaw, either side from the face shall be paralyzed.

l. To the Chin. A blow towards the chin can lead to paralysis, minor concussion, and unconsciousness. The jawbone provides a lever which could transmit the force of the blow within the back of a brain from where the cardiac and respiratory mechanisms are handled.

m. Throat. A strong blow into the front on the throat can lead to death by smashing the windpipe. A powerful blow creates extreme agony and gagging or vomiting.

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