In Today’s Economy You Need to Be Strategic in Managing Your Business and Your Career

You are a corporate executive who has had a successful career in the past. You run a lean, highly effective division and are considered to be on the short-list for succession to the CEO position in the next few years.

So if you have been very successful, why would you need to develop a different go-forward strategy? Or, a better question might be: what have you done in the past year to develop additional skills and competencies?

Managing in a known up or down economy – these are the techniques and competencies you have developed over a lifetime of successful achievements in increasingly responsible corporate roles. Managing in an unpredictable fear-based economy where it was just recently announced that companies are sitting on a two trillion dollar war chest – what innovative type of asset protecting/global growth strategies do you now need to employ?

I believe that a senior executive stays at the top of his or her game by establishing a learning environment within the organization for all subordinates as well as implementing a self-development learning program. Self-development for the executive requires a strategic focus that includes gaining knowledge and experience that will impact the new realities of today’s economy and benefit the organization. Self-development for the executive should also help the executive in making strides in achieving the goals identified in a 5-Year Career Management plan.

Employing the services of a leadership strategy coach and a career management expert will help the busy executive in identifying an aggressive self and organization learning development plan as well as implementing those actions that will assure that the executive is the candidate of choice when internal succession requires “ready-now” candidates.

What have you done in the past year to develop additional skills and competencies to make you successful in today’s changing economy?

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