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The quality of the GMAT mock tests you practice with is very important, and should be a major factor in selecting your GMAT prep program. This is because regular mock testing is the best way to refine your GMAT skills into a concrete strategy.

The most important thing is that the mock test questions must align with the real GMAT’s in terms of complexity and difficulty. Too easy, and you will not be appropriately challenged; too hard, and you will waste time and effort. The questions also need to cover the same concepts, in the same manner, ideally employing the same language that the GMAT does. Critically, the scoring system of these mock tests must function similarly to that of the real GMAT, so that you can get an accurate picture of how you would do on the real exam. 

Considering these criteria, Experts’ Global’s GMAT mock test series is definitely the best. To see for yourself, take a free GMAT practice test on Experts’ Global’s website.

Expansive Test Series

To begin with, Experts’ Global’s GMAT mock test series is much more extensive than most others, with a full 15 mock tests. So, with this test series you can build the extensive stamina needed to maintain GMAT-level concentration for four hours straight, by getting in plenty of practice. 

Quality of Questions

Experts’ Global has taken great care to keep their questions in line with the GMAT’s. These questions cover the same concepts at the same level of difficulty and complexity. Further, they have a highly GMAT-like presentation style, since their testing interface is also GMAT like. It has the same full-screen layout, graphics, controls and even a timer that red if you take too long on a question to simulate the time pressure of the GMAT. 

Scoring System

What really puts Experts’ Global ahead of the rest when it comes to GMAT mock tests is that their mock test scoring system is practically identical to the real GMAT’s. The GMAT scoring algorithm is not public knowledge, but Experts’ Global’s has quite clearly managed to emulate it, as evidenced by how more than 500 students have reported that their scores on those tests were very almost identical to the scores they got on their GMAT Prep mocks. 

Spectacular Performance Analysis

Experts’ Global’s tests are enhanced with a fantastic analysis system that picks apart each of your mock performances, in a very granular manner. Such analysis enables you to understand exactly how you are performing in each section, and how you are managing your time, helping you improve accuracy and speed both. The analysis system can even provide broader feedback by analyzing several of the most recent tests, together. 


Each Experts’ Global question has a corresponding explanation video that provides in-depth solutions, helping students understand questions that they may be unable to solve on their own and gain speed by providing them with more time efficient solutions, as well. This test series also provides a set of ten e-books that are the best, most comprehensive, most detailed resource on GMAT sentence correction out there. 

Experts’ Global’s mock test series is a resource that you should not begin your GMAT prep without; it is truly in aleague of its own.