The Sports Betting Champ System

The newest and most impressive sports betting advice available does not come from a betting guru. It doesn’t come from a former player that knows the coaches and players better than everyone else. It doesn’t even come from someone who has had major success in sports betting until recently. It comes from a Cornell University graduate who loves sports and is good at math.

John Morrison developed the Sports Betting Champ system through over 5 years of extensive research. He scanned through huge databases of games and betting lines from past years to come up with a formula. This is where his PhD in Statistics came in handy.

John found that a small percentage of games can be predicted accurately 97% of the time. Over the course of the past 4 plus years, Johns formula has succeeded as he’s won almost 300 of his NBA bets, losing less than 10 times. It also works for baseball, where John has gone 194-1 over the past few seasons.

The difference between the Sports Betting Champ and other sources for betting advice is the winning percentage. Handicappers who offer betting tips usually win between 60% to 70% of their bets. That used to be a great percentage. Now that the betting champ wins 97%, it looks pretty modest.

The key to the system’s success is the number of games it bets on. During NBA seasons, the system only bets on about 7% of the total games. For the MLB season, it only bets on about 2% of the total games. This shows that the system is ultra selective and only advises people to put their money down when the game is winnable at a rate of 97%.

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