Unlocking the power of natural language search PRAMANA SHIFT

Unlocking the power of natural language search PRAMANA SHIFT

 / Unlocking the electrical power of natural language look for

One particular of the massive issues currently with knowledge is that we just have much too a great deal of it.  When we may perhaps be ready to accessibility that facts, it can be tricky to easily find the knowledge that is applicable.  Domo can help fix component of this difficulty by bringing info at scale into a one system. Even so, at times we will need to make information even additional very easily accessible to a fundamental user.  This is the place natural language look for can aid and Domo has partnered with Pramana Labs to embed their Change pure language technological know-how into Domo.

The Shift technological know-how lets me wire up many datasets into a solitary interface and start out developing search experiences for kinds of information that might be beneficial. It’s fully customizable and not a “black box” – enabling specific company logic at your control. For this example, I went to a number of our earlier Domo on Info website posts to carry collectively some critical economic data on inflation, gas prices, layoffs and quits and unemployment statements.  Now, in Change we have a one location exactly where you can question inquiries about these metrics.

When I begin asking a query in Shift it will begin displaying me potential issues and Statlines that match what I variety.  For instance, below if I type “los angeles gas” then I start off looking at potential thoughts throughout the datasets. If I click into one concern, I can see additional aspects on that problem. I can even export the insights from results I get. And as I look for I will be supplied recommendations, so when I type “food” I will see the several inflation categories with food stuff in the name. Use the top menu to examine the insights through Statlines or Stream which is an location to share added insights.

For extra information and facts on the Pramana Change engineering, e-mail domo@pramanalabs.com. Go ahead and give Pramana Change a check out down below so you can get responses to your concerns about inflation, gasoline prices, layoffs and a lot more.

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