Why Buy Beats? Invest In Yourself Already!

You as an artist have multiple avenues to go when you’re looking to buy beats. You can go on Soundclick.com and look at the chart’s Top 10. You can search on Google and see what comes up. You can go to Rocbattle.com and check out the top producers and see some battles. You can even go to MyFlashStore.com to look for beats. But there is something you will soon learn about all these different sites. Either they are priced really cheap or they are up for free download ready to use with one simple tag at the beginning.

Why purchase or lease instrumentals when you can just get them for free?

That’s a perfectly legitimate question to ask yourself as a rapper or singer. Besides most of these producers are doing the exact same beat whether it’s a knock-off Lex Luger dirty south joint or knock-off Drake type beat. Add that with the quality of their production and the question becomes why invest in these? First of all let me explain that you are not looking in the right places for the gems. If you want dope quality and originality you might have to dig a little deeper. If you’re looking to establish that all important artist and producer relationship you’re going to have to look even harder for that.

With all that terrible news out of the way let me stress the good news!

The good news is that there are producers out there that love to work with you artists. They have their own style and want to be known for something more than a knock-off producer. They respect and cherish the rappers and singers that come and do business with them. They don’t even really care about the business, it’s about making dope music!

Why should you buy from these producers? The answer is simple, when you lease a beat or buy It exclusively you are not just buying something. This is not comparable to buying the latest Jordans or going to the club. These beats can change your life! It’s an investment not just in the producer making them but more importantly you! You are the ones that complete the canvas based on the producer’s foundation. The finished track could be the one that catches on and blows you up to heights you never dreamed!

Think about this for a minute; if you were a mechanic working on cars you need to invest in a garage, tools, an office, etc. Without these things you cannot run your business! Same thing with a plumber or any other profession. You can’t just cheap skate your way to success. People who do that tend to never last long because they never truly believe in themselves. Artists that truly believe in themselves have no problem when they buy beats because they know what it represents.

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